• What is a UV Sterilizer?

An ultraviolet light sterilizer is a water filtration process for your home. The system uses UV light to kill bacteria and microorganisms in your drinking water. Because there are no chemicals involved in the process, it is a safe and effective option for filtering your home’s drinking water.

How does it work?

As water flows through the ultraviolet light sterilizer, it is exposed to UV light from special lamps. The frequency of the UV rays that are emitted kills the bacteria by destroying the DNA of the microorganisms. This means that the microorganisms can no longer duplicate. This process is effective against viruses, e. coli, bacteria, giardia,  and other harmful microorganisms, and it is also good for killing harmful microorganisms that are resistant to chlorine.

What are the benefits of a UV Sterilizer?

There are many benefits of using an ultraviolet light sterilizer for filtering your water:

  • The process is extremely effectiveIt kills the majority of bacteria, leaving you with clean and delicious water.It is a convenient filtration option. The system doesn’t require much maintenance besides annual check-ins.
  • As mentioned before, ultraviolet light sterilizers are safeThis is because your water isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals while filtering out contaminants.
  • The process leaves your water odorless and tasteless. The last thing you want your water filtration system to do is make your water smell or taste bad. Ultraviolet light sterilizers will not affect the taste or smell of the water.
  • Because the water flows straight through, the whole process is rather quickUnlike reverse osmosis, which is another water filtration option, ultraviolet light sterilizers don’t have a holding tank. Therefore, the overall process is faster.
  • Some other systems filter out the contaminants and discard the wastewater. This system doesn’t create any wastewater because all of the water that goes through is sterilized and ready for drinking. It is environmentally-friendly because it helps to conserve water
  • The entire system is completely automatic, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of anything.